Product Description

A key feature of smart retail operation is its agility and enabling the participants make data-
backed judgments in real time, and perform appropriate actions. This is achieved by
creating a platform that ensures the right data is accessible to the right individuals at the
right time.
Microsoft Navision Suite has proved to be a useful and effective tool for building agile retail
operations. Using the tool, the different departments of a retail network are modeled and
technical work-flows are designed and implemented. The result would be a holistic
implementation that guarantees consistent data governance, and that assures all the
component entities (inventory, sales, merchant, finance, etc) have a unified view over the

How Can Blue River Help?

Being present in the retail sector and having experienced its challenges, Blue River has an
extensive experience in rolling out Navision Suite in the retail sector. In particular, we offer
the following services to retailers across the globe :

1- Readiness analysis
Each market has its own specific parameters. These include political, technical or financial
constraints, to name a few. In Blue River, we utilise a team of experts that would analysis
thoroughly the market’s specific requirements and the retailer’s existing processes, and
then provide the risks, challenges and benefits of the adoption of Navision.

2- As-is analysis and the detection of pain-points
In this activity, we dive deeper into our analysis, and create user stories for the different
participants of a retailer network based on the domestic conditions. We analyse the
existing processes, detect deficiencies and pain-points and then provide a detailed plan to
make them closer to the best practices.

3- Solution design
In this phase, our expert team works towards creating a technical blueprint for the
implementation. The input would be the result of the previous step (goals, what needs to
be achieved) and the output would be a set of technical documents and workflow
documentations (that show how to achieve the goals) which are readily consumable by the
technical and managerial teams.

4- Supervision and implementation
The implementation is the phase where the process designs are realised in Navision
engine. In case the retailer prefers to perform the implementation in-house using their own
technical team, Blue River is able to help with supervision, and making sure the
implementation is validated and verified with respect with the project goals. Nevertheless,
in case the retailer requires, Blue River can allocate a dedicated team of technical staff to
perform the implementation phase.

5- Continuous improvement
A retailer is similar to a live body and based on market changes, new modifications
become essential. Blue River follows a continuous improvement, continuous deploymentapproach, where the best practices are constantly identified and are translated into
Navision libraries, modules and patches, and these are obviously available to our partners
to be loaded on to their installations