The block-chain technology offers innovative methods of capital management and
investment. Stable coins, initialised on block-chain networks such as Etherium, are now
envisaged to be robust method of investment, value preservation and trade. Many existing
business processes such as investment, fund-raising, money transfers, commodity
evaluation are embracing stable coins as a new means of transparent fund management.

Looking at a supply chain from the point of view of processes, one identified the following
key processes that form its building blocks:
All of the steps outlined above require heavy investment. Given the current global
economic climate, new and innovative investment models are required, perhaps utlising
tools such as block-chain, to uphold a robust supply chain.

A retailer can make best use of the block-chain and in particular, Blue River’s S-Coin
platform, to build up and operate a robust supply chain. Conventionally, the investment
required for building the above process in a retail environement were coming from
shareholders, few entities that feed in required fuel. But now, thanks to the power of
crowd-funding, block-chain and security tokens, the retailer is able to sourcing the
investment from the most important actor in its ecosystem: the customer.

Customers as Owners

Blue River’s S-Coin platform enables a retailer to tokenise revenue-generationg
investment-hungry projects and essentially crowd-fund the investment through micro-
investments from individual customers. Customers who were viewed as consumer or an
external entity to the core of the business, are now fully internal, sitting at the core,
contributing and investing in the retailer’s next projects. In return, the customer is getting
long term benefits as she is a micro-shareholder.

The investment coming form a customer may be tiny or huge. No matter the size, by
utilising block-chain transparency, she always get the benefits proportional to her

S-Coin enables a retailer to embrace their customers and put her at the center of attention.
Projects which the ratiler offers to the customers must come with a solid business plan and
long term benefits and a dilligent management needs to overview the project to avoidcustomers’ trust. Thus, the retailer needs to be extra cautious in its investment offerings.
Projects may include:
  • Building the next food processing facility in a South American country, which
    enables farmers in its proximity to export their products to Europe at a cheaper
  • Creating the next large farms for special type of grapes, whose output is directly fed
    into partner distilleries
  • Creating the next retailer MEGA Store in a particular city where there is great
    potential for revenue generation.


S-Coin works based on the following process:
  1. Project tokenisation. In this step, a project charter is created which includes its business
    plan, project plan, and investment profile. The project is then tokenised based on agreed
    denuminator, and the tokens are released on a trustworthy block-chain network.
  2. Fund-raising. In this step, the project is advertised and customers and investors are
    able to purchase the tokens or s-coins. If purchased, the customer can manage the coins
    and perform actions such as P2P or re-sell to another customer.
  3. Project build up and operation. The investment raised is used to advance the project
    based on the timeline. Addequate amounts of information is relayed toward the investors
    (customers) so that they have full knowledge about the progress. Once finished the project
    is ready for operation, which in turn generates additional revenue and eventually some
    profits. This profit is again turn into stable coins.
  4. Distribution of benefits. The profits generated are allocated to the investors based on
    their input. This enables a customer playing the role of a micro-investor to be able to
    collect long term benefits from her retailer of interest.

Sustainable Development

A retailer attracts many eyes, and is the center of attention by millions of visitors on a daily
basis. This forms an opportunity for a retailer to not only offer its reliable investment
opportunities, but also those offered by partners. The bottom line is, the investment
offering must be robust, and not lead to a situation that jeopredises the retailer’s reputation
and trust. The offering in a given territory could be formed by partnership with energy
companies in building the next grid of electric car charging stations, or it could be creating
a solar energy farm which is crowd-funded in line with the sustainability policies of the
Using the above approach, the retailer enters the area of investment and by forming a
partnership with relevant entities (wealth fund managements) it enables its customers to
enjoy its investment portfolios. The retailer is then able to raise funds through innovative
marketing approaches.

CashCool and S-Coin

CashCool and S-Coin combined form a beautiful soup for the customer. In this
combination, the customer gets S-Coin as a form of Cashback and she can readily invest
that into an investment opportunity offered by the retailer.

Main Values



Over a period of five years, we aim to establish a nationwide network of retail stores and to become the first-choice retail brand for customers in the country. In a highly competitive industry communication, marketing as well as differentiation strategies are instrumental for success, to ensure continuous growth in the retail industry of the respective country.


We want to become the leading food retail corporation in the country by providing our customers with the best quality products and best value for money. Securing customer loyalty by implementing an attractive rewards program, belongs to our success strategy. Building a nationwide network with local partners to enhance competitiveness, productivity and profitability are key to our ambiguous mission.