With S-Sim platform, a retailer enters the world of telecommunication. The sim connectivity
is either in the form of an MVNO (mobile virtural network operator) or direct operation
under an MNO (mobile network operator). The retailer will provide service, data, voice and
text bundles based to its subscribers in addition to FMCG products.

Customer Acquisition

There is a fierce competition among MNOs to acquire customers. Here, a retailer’s shops
have potential to play a key role in customer acquisition for the MNOs. Thus, MNOs are
looking to form aliances or strategic partnerships with retailers so that the latter promotes
the products offered by the former. This would be in the form of sim or phone sales across
the retailers shop, or more innovatively, bundling connectivity products (data, voice, text)
with the retailer’s customer loyalty program.

Free Connectivity

Blue River promotes the idea of Free Connectivity, a paradigm pursued within the TelCo
community. By bundling S-Sim solution with CashCool Cashback program, Blue River
provides, for the first time, the idea of retail based free sim where the customer is able to
pay for her telephone bills using the cashbacks generated by the suppliers.


Blue River has recently made some strategic partnership with Telcos in Middle East and
North African and also Europe in order to roll out its Retail Based Free Sim innitiatives.
This includes MTN group, which is active in a large number of countries in MENA region.


Whether the S-Sim takes the form of an MVNO or Branded MNO in a territory, the
execution of the business requires certain tools, namley, Telco OSS and BSS modules in
order to manage customers, data bundles and integration with underlying MNO. All such
software modules will be provided by Blue River Online. We will bring the technology and
know-how and the retailer is therefore, only focusing on the operation and marketing.

Service Partners

S-Sim comes with a cloud of services. These include music portals, game platforms,
movie streaming platform, etc. Given the power of outreach behind S-SIM and the
capabilities of the retailer to acquire customers, once the sims are released, there would
be a large number of digital services who would be willing to make partnership with the
retailer in order to market their products to S-Sim users, which are acquired by the retailer.
This opens up new opportunities for the retailer, and if successfully seized, the retailer will
be in a position of not only providing FMCG products, but also digital content.
Free Connectivity.

Customer are able to enjoy free service, data, voice and text bundles based on their

Easy Acquisition.

The retailer does not need to spent much effort on marketing. The customer is already
there and it only takes relatively easy steps to convert into the retailer’s sim.

Revenue from Value added services

There would be additional revenue generated from partnerships with digital service
providers who bundles their offering with S-Sim