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  • Blue River is Spar's exclusive license in territory of Iran.
  • Blue River Retail is an international corporation operating in the retail industry. Our headquarters are located in Vienna, Austria. Our main goal is to establish a dynamically acting global network of retail stores under international brand licenses. Our partners, providing the licenses, have years of experience in global operations. As a team, we are highly committed to bring our expertise to the country and reinvent the retail industry using local suppliers and white label brands. By exporting local and importing foreign products, we will act as one of the key players in the industry in the near future.

    Spar International

    • SPAR is an international group of independently owned and operated retailers and wholesalers who work together in partnership under the SPAR Brand to provide a high quality, value for money shopping experience for the communities we serve.
      • the SPAR business continues to be a great success. There are now more than 13,900 SPAR stores in over 48 countries on four continents, meeting the needs of over 14.7 million consumers every day.

      Food retail

      • The highly competitive food retail industry has been growing steadily over the past years. An expanding product range as well as packaging present challenges to all players in the field. Blue River Retail is not only focused on meeting the demands of the industry and providing the best quality to its customers, but also on optimizing the supply chains. Direct contact and satisfaction of customers are of highest importance to us. In the near future, we will focus on expanding into the e-commerce business. A structured retail industry with shop-in-shop concepts and special entertainment areas will provide customers with a retail experience on the next level.

      Social responsibility

      • As we are working in the global food retail industry we take social and environmental issues seriously. Therefore, we have developed an overall Code of Conduct, stating that environmental and social issues are of the highest priority to us. We are not only focused on optimizing supply chains but on establishing value chains for all parties involved in the process. Educating customers about health and lifestyle choices and supporting local suppliers and their products belong to our credos.



      Over a period of five years, we aim to establish a nationwide network of retail stores and to become the first-choice retail brand for customers in the country. In a highly competitive industry communication, marketing as well as differentiation strategies are instrumental for success, to ensure continuous growth in the retail industry of the respective country.


      We want to become the leading food retail corporation in the country by providing our customers with the best quality products and best value for money. Securing customer loyalty by implementing an attractive rewards program, belongs to our success strategy. Building a nationwide network with local partners to enhance competitiveness, productivity and profitability are key to our ambiguous mission.



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      Blue River Retail is a team player, therefore people and their skills are our main assets. We are always looking on expanding our team. As a company we are offering a great working environment with prospering opportunities and perspectives in a fast-growing industry field. We are dedicated to support local employees with the best possible training and programs by sharing our knowledge and best practices with future talents.

      "In every chain of reasoning, the evidence of the last conclusion can be no greater than that of the weakest link of the chain, whatever may be the strength of the rest."
      (Thomas Reid, Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, 1786)

      Human resources are involved in various activities at Blue River Retail including recruitment talent analysis as well as continuous education and rewards programs to ensure high performance and equity for all employees.

      Are you interested in joining a highly motivated and dynamic team in the Middle East?
      Please send your CV to:

      Blue River Retail GmbH
      Lassallestrasse 7b
      1020, Vienna- Austria