Cash Cool

CashCool is a smart cashback platform that creates a chain of value between the suppliers, retailer branches, customer, and affiliate brands of the retailer. Conventionally, the cashback programs utilised a budget allocated by the retailer. Due to the retailer’s limited margin, the cashbacks may not turn into meaningful amounts from the customer’s perspective. In CashCool, we are incorporating suppliers and their promotion budgets. Using a unified wallet platform, both the supplier and retailer get involved to run numerous types of promotion. 
As a result of a customer making purchase, a certain number of promotion rules are fired, which enable the customer to get cashback from different suppliers. The key feature of CashCool is that it incorporates suppliers, which have much higher margins in their products than the retailers, and therefore, a meaningful amount of value will be accumulated in the customer’s account as a result of her purchases. 
Customer is able to consume the CashBack across a number of interesting affiliate services. For example: 
  1. Purchase data bundles from mobile operator of interesting
  2. Invest cashback in micro-investment schemes
  3. Purchase items from CashCool apps

Smart Shelf Design.

CashCool creates exciting experience for the customer and it changes the face of a shop, where the promotions are displayed on the price tags. This type of promotion enables a retailer to run numerous types of promotions with affiliate partners, such as telecom operators or entertainment services. 
Integration with suppliers

CashCool enables a retailer to create joint campaigns with suppliers

Location Based

CashCool’s promotions are defined with fine granularity, i.e. based on time, location, SKUs, etc. 

Real time

CashCool cashbacks are processed in real time